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"Octable" is not only a Beach Table but great for outdoor concerts, use on your boat, or the sandbar, pool deck, sun shelf or patio, compact for an RV, camping and tailgating

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 Your Octable Beach Table was designed with plenty of space, it has 2 cell phone slots on top, table comes with 2-14 oz blue cups that have the same size opening as red solo cups and 2-22 oz blue cups that have the same size opening as deli containers. We all have "Deli Containers" at home,you can now pack and bring along your favorite snacks in your cooler and they will fit right into the openings on the table. There is also a tray underneath on both sides of the table to keep cell phones out of the sun. Table comes with and installs easily into the sand with a 20" sand spike. When finished for the day, your table quickly stores away in a custom nylon bag fitted for the table.                                         

Also note if you have backpack chairs, your Octable will fit neatly inside for portability.

Octable is not only a Beach Table, with optional attachments listed on our site, your table will fit in the rod holder of your boat, or has an attachment for the sandbar. Can also go on your pool deck, patio or pool sun-shelf, great for outdoor concerts on the grass and for tailgating yet compact enough for your RV

Your Table ships from South Florida. Shipping prices are calculated by dimensional weight (size of box) we have no control over their rates, by purchasing 2 table that fit into the same box saves you some $, "Makes a great gift"