..Welcome to Octable, to view our full line of products, please click on our Home Page ( just below this yellow headline)....We are the designer, manufacturer and ONLY ONE WHO SELLS "Octable Beach Table's--- Here and on AMAZON. We ship out every day from Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida....1-2 day delivery in Fla.

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OCtable is not just a beach table, with these additional accessories below, use your table on your pool deck, patio, boat, great for outdoor concerts, kids ballgames, pool sun shelf, firepit, camping, tailgaiting and rv's too. (Click to view more information)

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A bit about "OCTABLE" and how we started

We moved to South Florida to retire 5 years ago and that never happened. One day while relaxing on the beach, we noticed there were really no good options for keeping beach gear out of the sand. We returned home and decided to see what we could come up with. We took a plastic kitchen cutting board and cut 4 holes in it. We used deli containers and red cups in the openings to hold our lotions, drinks, etc. and our prototype was born.

When we brought our design to the beach we were approached 4-5-6 times a day over a 3 week period by strangers asking where we got this table. The decision was made at that point that we needed to produce it on a wider scale. We played with the design, added the trays underneath and noticed the table had 8 openings, thus the name – Octable. We pursued the trade mark and patent and Octable became reality. We have the table manufactured in Florida and are proud to say that our table is USA made.